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 Product Introduction

Multifunctional Workstation is a comprehensive and efficient facial care system, which is
also a multifunctional beauty equipment having a collection of three top core technologies

in medical cosmetology,namely, IPL, RF and YAG laser. Combining a variety of powers
and giving full play to solar energy,bipolar RF and laser, it has a significant clinical effect
and has been proved to safely and effectively apply to different skin types and skin complexion.


Application of Pico Laser

1.Remove Chloasma, coffee spots, freckle, sunburn, age spots, nevus of ota, etc.

2.Removing all kinds of tattoos, specialized in removing red capillary, coffee, brown, black, cyan and other colorized tattoos.

3.Remove mole, birthmark,brown blue nevus,junctional nevus,etc.

4.Skin whitening, fine lines removal. Acne scar therapy,etc.

5.Remove the pigment skin pathological changes, the pigmentation caused by color pigment mixture, Pore remove,Face lift.

6.Effectively remove all kinds of embroider eyebrow, soak lip, eye line, and lip line.


Application of OPT &SHR IPL

  1. Permanent hair removal.
  2. Pigmentations treatment (Spots removal,smallpox removal,freckle removal).
  3. Skin rejuvenation (Tighten skin,fine wrinkles removal,whiten skin).
  4. Acne Treatment.
  5. Vascular Therapy.

Application of RF

RF rejuvenation system uses its unique adjustable technology could effectively control the exchange of the polarity and set up the best frequency. Because the skin tissue has natural defense to the electrode change, it will result in heating the collagen. The collagen will change its nature, collagen link shrinks and the further effect is starting up the inflammation which includes the rebirth of the original fiber cell and the reconstruction of the collagen. It will make the skin as tight, smooth, and tender as possible! So you will reach your goal of lifting and wrinkle-removal.

  1. Face and Neck Lifting & Remodelling
  2. Tightening and lifting flaccid areas of the face
  3. Reduces Wrinkles
  4. Lift Sagging Skin
  5. Enhances luminosity of the skin
  6. Body Remodelling
  7. Cellulite Treatment and skin partial reconstruction
  8. Increase Collagen Level
  9. Tighten loose skin


Technical Parameters:

Wavelength 755&1064nm &532nm
Display 10.0 inch touch screen
Handpiece 1*SHR +1*RF +1*pico laser
Spot size 15*50mm / 12*35mm (optional )
IPL energy 0-50J /CM²
RF Energy 0-20J /CM²
Laser Energy 10-2000mj
Power 2500W
Cooling condition Emiconductor +air +water
Voltage input 100-240VAC ,50/60HZ


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